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Rhythm's Vegan Queso

Let's Make Versatile Vegan Queso!

This vegan queso recipe is simple, delicious, and extremely versatile. Our team used it to make nachos, as a dip for fresh veggies, and made some macaroni and cheese! We even topped off our Mac&Cheese with the crumbs from our Sea Salt Cauliflower Bites!


*1.4 oz bag of Rhythm Naked Carrot Sticks

* 4 cups of water

*1/2 cup rice milk

*1/2 cups of raw cashews

*1 small Yukon gold potato cubed

* 1 small piece (2inch) of sweet onion

* 1 ½ Tbs of nutritional yeast

*1/4 Tsp ground cumin

*1/4 Tsp granulated garlic

* 1 Tsp salt

Optional: to add spice choose from either of these two

*1 can of jalapenos chiles, cut in small dices

*1/2 tsp chipotle sauce.


Boil water in a pot. While it boils measure, all your ingredients and set aside. Once water is boiling remove about 1 cup of water and add it to the cashews, cover let it soak for about 15-20 min. Add the diced potatoes to the remaining water in the pot. Once they are almost fully cooked (15mins) add the carrots to rehydrate them. Make sure all carrot pieces are fully submerged cover and let it cook for 3-4 mins.

Strain the carrot, potato, and cashews, add them to a blender or food processor with the dry ingredients and milk. Blend until it is a smooth texture.

Note: If using chipotle sauce, add it to the blender if you prefer diced jalapeños with a spoon or spatula mixed them with the cheese.

Tip: A great way to include more veggies to your Mac&Cheese is sprinkle some of our Original Kale Chips or Cauliflower Bits to add that extra crunch.